Lord of the Flies; Conflict Essay

Topics: William Golding, Democracy, Pig Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: March 25, 2011

William Golding wanted to investigate the evil side in everyone, he wanted to see what boundaries in society hold them back from acting how they wish. It displays the descent boys into savagery or the boys and the demolition of democracy on the island. In Lord Of The Flies, William Golding takes the most innocent and influenced age of young British school boys (age 6-12), to see how they would break the boundaries which which surround them, when nothing hods them back; when they are free. William Golding dramatizes the conflict between two opposite beings, the civil belonging that guides people to live peacefully, the right to obey orders and rules in life and the instinct to obtain superiority and power over others around them. In Lord Of The Flies, the majority of the young boys act beyond what any civilized being would expect; becoming violent, savage killers. The only boys that keep civilized and intelligent to their surroundings are: Ralph, Piggy and Simon. In the novel the reader does not only learn about the boundaries in humanity, but can also relate to them, and also makes them think how they would act/what they would become, if they were free from all restraints in life. William Golding suggests that an evil personality is deep in everyone and are only held back by the stone laws of society.

As the boys crash on the island, they are shocked and do not know where they are, and what they should do first. As any young by would, without his parents and anyone to tell him not to, they enjoy their first, of many days on the island: swimming, play fighting, building sand castles and laughing. When the sun corrodes and the bats come out, all the boys are scared and alone. Everyday they young boys call a meeting/assembly to sort out their queries and arguments, and soon after many assemblies, they all begin to take sides against each other, with Ralph - the Democratic Leader, and Jack - the Fascist leader and hunter. The democratic...
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