Lord of the Flies Character Traits

Topics: Nazism, Nazi Germany, Nazi Party Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: April 7, 2013
1.) Piggy's Glasses become symbolic of power, after the boys find that they can use the glasses to make a fire. Whoever can make fire is able to eat and create a signal fire to possibly get home. When Jack and his tribe come in the night to steal the glasses from Piggy it shows the power struggle that is going on similar to that of World War II. Face Paint is used as a mask by the boys when they are hunting, it works as a mask for them to hide behind and makes their gruesome killing for pleasure seem more like a game than an actual act of cruelty. Face paint is symbolic of the evil within each person, and when one hides behind a mask it's easier to act in mob mentality. Which in the allegory face paint is similar to the Nazi party, the boys much like the Nazis hide behind the face paint and mob mentality and torture the pig much like Nazis hid behind the party and their uniforms as they killed Jews and other minorities in the Holocaust. The signal fire is the boys' only chance to get off of the island. In addition to being a source of hope the fire is also a source of tension. When Jack let the fire go out the boys missed an opportunity to go home, the fire going out is lost hope this creates tension between Jack and Ralph. Where Jack is more concerned with luxuries like pig meat Ralph wants basic survival and a way out. As the boys have to move the fire from the mountain top down to the beach their society starts to crumble, and a way home seems less likely. As the fire dwindles so does hope of going home. 2.)Ralph represents a person's sense of order and responsibility. Ralph longs to cut his hair to have that order and control over himself again, similarly he uses the conch when talking to the group to designates jobs to set up a civilization. He's the leader not only because of having the conch and his statuesque appearance but he also wants very much for everything on the island to be civil. Jack is symbolic of a person's competitive nature. He wants the...
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