Lord of the Flies: Character Delineation Chart

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  • Published : August 27, 2012
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Character Delineation Chart

Lord of the Flies – Getting to Know the Characters – Quiz

Enter your answers from the Character Delineation Chart into the squares below and save this document to your hard disk.


model boy

|ruthless leader
ruthless leader |thinker |mystic
|Sadist |followers | |Central Motivation |
to be rescued

|To hunt |to be rescued |To find the truth |to hurt |to help | |Principal Actions |

forms democracy; lights signal fire

|splits boys into two groups; hunts down Ralph |‘feeds’ ideas to Ralph |talks to the Lord of the Flies; solves mystery of the beast |kills Piggy |first to see the “beast” | |Principal Emotions and Attributes | Happy, excited by adventure

|hatred; a natural leader |serious; thoughtful |quiet; a ‘loner’ |Visionary, brave |have no separate identities | |at the beginning of the novel |

happy; excited by adventure
|in charge of boys’ choir |apprehensive; frightened |small, dark boy |fainting; choir-boy |

carefree twins | |at the end of the novel |
hunted like an animal

|the chief of a band of savages |murdered
|a savage |savages | |2) 85%

3) Personal response to lord of flies

The things that I found positive in the text are trying to keep democracy trying not to lose the morals of the society and team work. This was shown in the first few chapters by Ralph and with the help of Piggy. At first, when piggy found the conch shell, he advised to ralph that it could be used to unite all the boys together. Democracy was also shown when they had to vote for who they wanted to be their leader; ralph or jack and ralph was chosen as the leader and jack agreed to it and obeyed and didn’t use violence. Then the conch was used to give the rights for the person to speak when he held it. It formed equity of chance for everyone for their turn and also to listen and respect others views. The little ones...
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