Lord of the Flies Chapters 10-12

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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1. Through out the entire story the conch shell and the glasses have been important metaphors. The conch represents civilization and power. Whenever someone blows on the conch, the boys run toward the sound and show respect to the owner. Eventually, the power and civilization drop as the boys become more savage like. Therefore the conch loses its power. The glasses represent the key to life. They started the fire, and fire brings heat to help them survive and continue their hopes of being rescued. When they are stolen by Jack, Ralph and Piggy have nothing left to help them survive. 2.Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric ane still somewhat civilzed. So, by making excuses for having a part in Simons murder, they are showing that they know its wrong. They realize that behavior like that is not ok in the society their from. So they try and justify what they did by saying that it was dark and they got caught up in the commotion of the storm and the dancing . 3.Wilfred is punished by being tied up for several hours and then being beaten. 4.Jack accounted for the death of Simon by convincing the boys that they killed the beast, not Simon. Chapter 11

1.Jack and Piggy visit Jacks camp on two occasions. The first, is when Jack holds the feast on the beach so that they could have meat. The second is when they go to castle rock to demand the return of Piggys glasses. 2.When Ralph talks about rescue with Jacks tribe, they laugh. 3.When Piggy holds up the conch and tries to talk Roger pushes a large bolder off of a cliff. It starts falling towards Ralph and Piggy, Ralph dodges it, but sadly Piggy does not. It shatters the conch and kills him. 4.Roger didn’t shove his way past Jack. Like the book says, “Roger edged past the chief, only just pushing him with his shoulder. Eager to get to the twins so that he could Chapter 12

1.demonstrate the best way to inflict pain on them.
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