Lord of the Flies Chapter Summaries

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Lord of the Flies: Chapter Summary
Name: Thai Son
Teacher: Ms. Heather
Course: ENG3U1
Date: 5/15/2013

Chapter 1: A plane evacuating British boys has been shot down in the Pacific. The boys have been ejected safely from the plane and have landed on a remote island. With no adult supervision, they attempt to establish order and a plan for survival. They elect a chief (Ralph) and he selects Jack, a militant choir bully, to rule over the choir, who become hunters. We also meet Piggy in chapter 1. Piggy is fat, suffers from asthma, and has no social skills. He immediately becomes the target of the other boys who make fun of him. Piggy finds a conch shell and shows Ralph how to blow it. The sound of the shell calls the boys together for assemblies and to discuss important matters. At each assembly, the boy holding the conch is the only one allowed to speak. At the assembly, Jack, Simon, and Ralph decide to explore the island. They confirm their suspicions that they are on an island. Towards the end of chapter one, the three explorers find a trapped pig. Which Jack is unable to catch and the pig gets away. Important quote: “I don't care what [you] call me as long as... [it's not] what they used to call me in school...They used to call me Piggy!'" Analysis: Said by Piggy, this quote reveals his unhappy past, where he was bullied because of his chubby, “nerdy” appearance. Predictions: There will be a breakout of chaos later in the story. The island is a remote place that has many unknown factors, while the boys are not under adult’s supervision. These boys are young and inexperienced. In fact they could be in the stage of adolescence, the period of rebellious hormones, so they could be quite reckless and tend to fight for attention. Particularly some may have a stronger tendency to compete for leadership, like in this case with Ralph and Jack. Connections: This book reminds me of public schools in Vietnam, where students judge their peers base on social status and appearance, everybody belongs to different gangs. They all have leaders like Ralph, but also the bullied ones like Piggy. Settings in Lord of The Flies could also be related to other survival books like Robinson Crusoe where the main characters are isolated out in the wilderness. Evaluation: This chapter gives the readers a very good overall introduction of characters and settings. The author uses a catch, to make the audience wanting to read further more to see what will happen to the boys and their fate. Visualization: I pictured the island with sandy and rocky beaches, scattered with coconut trees. The place where the boys meet transparent aquamarine scar, to the point that you can see the weed and the coral glistening under the sunlight. The place is superbly green, everywhere trees and their own creepers, there and then a rotten trunk laying sideways on the grass. Question: Where is the boys heading to in the middle of a World War? And what are they doing on the Pacific?

5 new vocabulary words:
Solemn: dignified and somber in manner or character and committed to keeping promises * the judge was solemn as he pronounced sentence
Scurry: to move about or proceed hurriedly
* so terrified by the extraordinary ebbing of the sea that they scurried to higher ground Lagoon: small salt lake nearby the sea
* lagoons are used by the locals to harvest salt
Conch: a type sea shell
* sound could produce by blowing to the conch
Emboss: raised in a relief
* she just bought some fine and embossed leather

Chapter 2: The three boys (Ralph, Jack and Simon) return from their exploration and call an assembly. One of the little ones mentions a snake thing, a beastie, which sends fear throughout the group. They debate its existence and determined the little ones were having nightmares. Ralph decides they need to make a fire on the mountain as a rescue signal. They use Piggy's glasses to light the fire. The fire rages out of control. One of the little one...
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