Lord of the Flies - Chapter One

Topics: William Golding, Novel, Allegory Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: September 28, 2011
The opening chapter of Lord of the Flies is essential for the whole novel. The opening chapter, The Sound of the Shell, is written remarkably by William Golding, this is because the opening gives a lot of information to the reader and gives some apprehension of what may happen later on. The first chapter sets the scene, where they two boys Piggy and Ralph land on a paradise island, “The fair hair boy was peering at the reef through screwed up eyes,” the verb, “screw” emphasises the vast amounts of water which surround the island. Immediately the audience think of the stereotypical paradise beach, golden sand, lots of sunlight and fresh cold water. This stereotype is backed up again, “almost visible was the heat,” which indicates the intensity and enormity of the heat, as Golding describes it as visible.

Lord of the Flies is a fable, a novel with a message, with many themes about the psychology of humans and their natural instincts. The first chapter introduces many of the themes which are in the whole novel. These themes, when studied deeply, show the intelligence of Golding. One of the themes throughout the Novel is Good and Evil. This is introduced in the first chapter repeatedly. When Piggy requests, “I don’t care what they call me, so long as they don’t call me what they used to call me at school [Piggy].” Ralph’s evil instincts forced him to call the fat boy Piggy from that moment on, even though Piggy begged. The good side of the island is also illustrated by the descriptions of luxury and heaven like appearance. At first thought you are told there is a hot climate, a lot of sunlight, lots of drinking water and fruits to eat.

Furthermore, the opening chapter introduces all the characters thoroughly; you get information about them through the actions, speech and through Golding’s writing. We first are introduced to Ralph and through the chapter we are told that he is handsome, “the boy with fair hair,” and we are also introduced to his evil side. Ralph...
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