Lord of the Flies - Break Down of Society

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Break Down of Society
Civilization is the key to keeping society in order. If many individuals lose this civilized state, the society they are in begins to break down. Ralph, Simon, and Jack are the major problems with the breakdown of their society. Anything done in a community, whether it is multiple actions or nothing at all, can change it for better or for worse. Firstly, Simon is inactive in the social order of the boys and isolates himself from them. Secondly, Ralph has attained leadership over everyone which sets Jack’s leadership off. Ralph tries to bring order to the island which in turn causes a breakdown and defect of a group of boys. Lastly, Jack is the main point that caused their society to breakdown. One of the bigger – but not the biggest – problems in a social order breakdown is people who do not take part in the control.

Simon does not part take in the actions and feud between Ralph and Jack in order to feel that he is not part of it. During the day, arguments usually happen. This is when Simon isolates himself in what he calls his “mat of creepers” (160). He roams around at night causing paranoia among the boys as he appears to be the beast. This activeness at night is to achieve a feeling that he is not changing the society that is trying to be made. When Simon does try to bring forth information and help them, he was killed by the savage boys – “he was murdered” (172) as said by Ralph. This is the first human-related death on Jack’s behalf, the one death that is leading the boys on the island into savagery and a major loss of their civilized state of mind. However, even someone’s leadership can cause people to break from a group and bring downfall to the whole group.

Ralph’s leadership style is one that one boy on the island did not agree with. This caused him to defect from the group and form his own society. Ralph leads with a democratic manner - with safety and rescue – whereas Jack leads with a dictatorship style –...
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