Lord of the Flies: Book Review

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Lord of the Flies
Lord of the Flies is a book by William Golding and was written during WWII. His choice to join the navy changed the way he viewed the world. A group of students were being evacuated from an airplane that is in a lonesome island. Once the group is settled in, they elect a boy of the name Ralph to be leader. A dispute is started on how their will be rules and who governs who. Problems have risen and the group is torn apart. Lord of the Flies theme is that being hungry for power is natural in humans and examples are given when the band chooses a leader, decision making of the boys, and uncivilized acts among themselves. The theme in Lord of The Flies is seen throughout the novel. For example, they voted on a leader to help have order and act in an organized manner. Jack was a nominee who ran against Ralph.JAck really wants to be the leader, but of course Ralph ends up being the popular vote. “We've got to have rules and obey them. After all, we're not savages. We're English, and the English are best at everything.'" (Golding 40). Golding states that the group must be organized, they are not animals.They know that without order, everything they are could collapse and be their downfall.Plus they call themselves the best at everything so they could have some faith of getting by. “They obeyed the summons of the conch, partly because Ralph blew it, and he was big enough to be a link with the adult world of authority….” (Golding 50). Here it shows the Ralph had what it takes to be a leader, everyone listens and takes his orders without question. Towards the end of chapter four, a character by the name of Piggy wines about some rude hunters, Jack hits the poor character breaking the glasses they were wearing. In the story, being power hungry is a pretty common thing and many examples are portrayed such as the group being split, so there is not one main leader. These islanders act in such a way now that they have obtained power. There will be groups....
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