Lord of the Flies Book Report

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  • Published : December 13, 2010
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Lord of the Flies

The book I am doing my report on is Lord of the flies, by William Golding. There are a lot of characters in this book, but the most important ones are Ralph, Piggy, Simon, Jack and Roger. After reading this book I noticed how their personalities changed, mostly Jack's. In the beginning of the book, Ralph had a childlike personality. But later in the book, he became way more mature because he knew they needed to get along in order to survive while waiting to be rescued. In the beginning of the book Jack and Ralph had a little rival. Then Jack took Ralph’s leadership and became the leader. They split into two groups, Jacks group and Ralph’s group. Ralph’s group was more mature while jacks group was childish.

Another character in the story was Simon. Simon is a unique character in the book. He tries to stay uninvolved with all of the power struggles between Ralph and Jack. Then as Simon was coming out of the forest Jack and his group mistaken him for being a beast, and they killed him and left him in the sand. Then Rodger, a member of Jack’s group killed Piggy by pushing a big bolder on top of him from a steep cliff. Out of the group piggy was the most intelligent. He complained a lot in the beginning, but then accepted the fact that he’s going to be on the island for a while.

The book begins with a group of kids and one man who are stranded on a tropical island. The man later dies so they are all alone with no supervision. They were on a transport plane then suddenly it was shot down over the ocean. It crashed into a thick jun about how they need to make rules for the group to live by. Everyone agreed however there were conflicts through out the book. But the main conflict is the boys trying to get along with each other and survive while waiting to be rescued from this deserted island. There are also some major conflicts between Ralph and Jack because they both wanted to take leadership and there can only be one leader.

I enjoyed...
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