Lord of the Flies (Book Report)

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  • Published : December 17, 2007
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Lord of the Flies
By: William Golding

The book I chose for this book report is titled, Lord of the Flies, and William Golding writes it. I chose this book due to the high amount of hype behind it. It's a very mysterious book with many great symbolic twists added in, along with my liking of the type of book, especially the topic of this particular novel. It was published in 1954 by, The Berkley Publishing Group.

There were a handful of main characters of the story. The protagonist is, of course, Ralph. He is one of the eldest few of the stranded children. He's a very just and reasonable guy. He likes to think things out and have a nice temporary civilization, but his main priority is being rescued. He puts that objective in front of all else and that butts wrong ends with the antagonist, Jack. Jack is a very ignorant and power hungry being. From the start he wanted to be leader and had to get more brutal and violent in order to take over. He completely disregards wanting to get rescued and just sees the whole situation as a big game. The last big character was known as the, "beast!" It was an ideal of fear at first, beginning as a nightmare. Then the idea morphs into this big ethereal monster that lives on the island keeping everyone in fear. It plays an important role in affecting the boys's behavior.

There are, of course, other characters as well. Piggy plays an important, but minor roll in the storyline. Piggy is the intuitive and intellectual one on the island. He thinks things through and tries to help, but always gets bullied around by Jack and a few other. He gives advice on what actions to take but nobody listens very well. Simon is important in the story as well. He makes for a great follower helping out when he can; he was very truthful. Roger was Jack's right-hand man. He started out as a no body but mutates into a horrid savage even worse than Jack himself. He was Jack's sidekick.

The truth within Lord of the Flies is the story of a group of...
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