Lord of the Flies: an Essay

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  • Published : October 2, 2012
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Painted Faces and Long Hair
Civilization separates humans from animals and allow them to develop intelligence, however when civilization disintegrates, one's identity degrades and consequently, one resorts to a primitive nature. In the novel, Lord of the Flies, degeneration of society results in the loss of identify because of the dispossession of names, deterioration of physical appearance and the deviation of personality. First of all, degradation of civilization propagates the loss of identity because of the dispossession of names. The majority of the boys in the island have names or titles to identify with, although after the events that took place in the novel, some are left without the identity that they entered the island with. Namely, “Percival, Wemys, Madison, The Vicarage, Harcourt, St. Anthony, Hants” (Golding 94). After being asked for his name, Percival recites his name and address nervously but proud. Percival’s delivery of his name and address represents civilizations feeble grasp of on the boys. Percival repeats his delivery expecting to be brought home, notwithstanding “the incantation of his address was powerless to help him” (Golding 103). Although an incantation similar to that of Percival's would aid him if he were to be lost within civilization, it yields no power in the island because of the lack of civilization. Most likely, Percival's "incantation that had faded clean away” (Golding 222) was caused by the trauma of the decline of civilization in the island. Roger and Maurice “[leading] straight through the castles, kicking them over….” (Golding 65) that Percival and his companions had built is an allegory of the degradation of society in the island. Furthermore, decline of society causes the loss of identity because of the deterioration of physical appearance. When the boys are introduced to the island, they are all still in clothing of civilians, come the end of the book the boys are transformed to mere shadows of what they...
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