Lord of the Flies

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  • Published : April 12, 2011
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Alex Dudley
Mr. Williams
English II
6 April 2011

Lord of the Flies Essay
In society, we have rules, and regulation that we live by to make our streets and cities a much safer place and equal for citizens. When criminals and gang members disrupt the structure that we live in by not following these set rules and laws, we end up in multiple issues. In the story “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, it relates to gang(s) and criminals not being able to abide by the law in our society. To get a better understanding about why gangs do not follow the follow the law, we study what indeed gang members do, why members choose not to abide by the rules, and what Golding was trying to prove by incorporating the idea into the story.

“Lord of the Flies” relates to gang in society by the negative actions that they participate in. “Most gangs specialize in one or more types of things that are illegal. [Activities include] car theft, robbery, embezzlement, firearm sale, racketeering, and drug trafficking” (Driscoll 2). By doing this, it sets back the community as a whole. In the story the group of boys set rules that they were not able to obtain to. Gang members do not follow the legal system and try there hardest not to get caught.

In the story, you can see how characters and gang members relate by society not following the rules. Gangs can lead to unsafe risk for the people who surround them. “Gang-related violence and illegal activities continue to pose major safety risk to individuals in the twenty-first century” (Whittaker 2). If society does not learn to abide by the law, they might end up destroying the community and even worst, the lives of innocent civilians. “A group [of men called [BAM] (Becoming a Man) is working on getting to those youngsters before they’re drawn into gang life or drop out of school” (Corley 1). Some of the males in the story tried to prove there masculinity by terrorizing the younger boys and commanding them to do things they didn’t...
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