Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies: Chapters 4-6 Essay
In Lord of the Flies there are some differences between the “Castle Rock” at the end of chapter six the Beast from the Air with the beach as it has been described throughout the book so far. The differences are the beach is used for the littluns to play and build sand castles. While the Castle Rock has just been discovered and Jack said, “What a place for a fort!” meaning that he is thinking about something and will use it as a protection or safe place. Lastly the beach has more resources to offer than the Castle Rock. The Castle Rock is more like a hiding place for them and while the beach is a place for them to stay and occupy.

To commence, the Castle Rock and the beach are a place on the island, but the Castle Rock is a place up on the mountain top as Ralph, “led the way over the rocks inspected a sort of half-cave that held nothing more terrible than a clutch of rotten eggs…” While the beach is where the water pool is and the shelters. The shelters are beside the beach where the boys sleep built by Simon and Ralph and with others that helped out. As William Golding describes the Castle Rock as a place that has “rotten eggs” meaning things that are not useful and the beach has boys that some stay there not being useful by not helping out the others boys.

Furthermore, the beach is where the littluns play and build their sand castles whereas the Rock Castle is just observed and walked by Ralph, Jack and the hunters and this place they are not familiar with. The littluns construct castles and use their imagination, “round the castle was a complex of marks, tracks, walls, railway lines…” Golding tells the reader that the littluns miss their home so they build these castles to keep their hopes up that there will be a day they will be back home. The Rock Castle is a place that Jack said would be for a fort but Ralph does not like the idea while Jack is so excited and building up ideas as he is at the Rock Castle. The...
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