Lord of the Flies

Topics: Thought, Logic, Fire Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: May 8, 2013
What connection does Golding create between Piggy and science/logical thinking? Piggy had been portrayed as the most intelligent and rational boy among all the other schoolboys on the island. He was the “only boy on the island whose hair never seemed to grow” indicating that he was the only one who was less likely to be subjected to the changes there. His behaviours and functions on the island as well as his pair of spectacles were connected with logical thinking and science. With Piggy’s presence, implying the existence of science and reason, civilization on the island was better maintained.

First, most of Piggy’s early behaviours and functions on the island illustrated his linkage with logics and reasons. He had been functioned as the deepest thinker who gave suggestions and as a guidance who reminded the others of the appropriate things to be done. With his scientific and logical mind, He was the first one to suggest “making a list” and “have a meeting” by blowing the conch to gather people. Contrast was used between himself and Ralph. Piggy was able to think with logics that were based on science and technology. He quickly came up with an idea of fully utilizing the conch by blowing it and creating sounds, whereas Ralph had never thought of that. He thought seriously and even if Ralph being so sarcastic, he replied him sincerely in order to see if it possible to build a clock. Piggy also had the ability to reflect deeply with his sensible mind. He suggested the idea that “life is scientific” in which “there isn’t no fear unless we (they) get frightened of people” and indeed the boys themselves were the beast as they ate pigs as beast did. Because of his strong will and believes, things like “ghosts and beast” to him “wouldn’t make sense” and here we can see how deeply Piggy was influenced by science. He also suggested doing “experiment in finding out how to make a small hot fire” so that they could “put green branches on to make smoke”. Piggy’s...
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