Lord of the Flies

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Year 11 English
Unit 1: Outcome 2 Creating and Presenting
Assessment Tasks

Students are required to submit 3 completed pieces of writing.

* Each piece of writing must address the wider implications/ideas of the context (Encountering Conflict). * You also need to draw upon the novella Montana 1948 to support your ideas.

* You must have a cover attached to each of your writing pieces, explaining the purpose, form and intended audience of your writing.


“In times of Conflict, our personal strengths and weaknesses are revealed.”

You will have some class time to work on your expository essay and you will have the opportunity to submit a first draft of this piece and receive feedback.

Word count: 600 - 700 words
First draft due – Monday 4th March
Final Due Date: Monday 11th March


Choose one of the following writing topics, or negotiate a topic with Mr Torpey:

Imagine that news broke of the incidents described in the novella (perhaps Undsted spoke to a reporter?) Write the news report that would appear in the Bentrock Times, the day after Frank’s suicide. The report should exemplify the type of conflict encountered, the cause of the conflict and the response/consequences of the conflict.


Write a letter from Wes Hayden to his father, after he leaves Bentrock. You should explore his perspective of the various conflicts he encountered, showing how he responded to it, and demonstrating your understanding of key ideas behind the context.


Write a personal reflective piece which explores a moment of conflict from your childhood, in the style of Montana 1948. This piece must be accompanied by a written explanation (approx. 200 words) which explains your authorial choices, and parallels between your conflict (and the reaction to it) and that within the novella.

You will have some class time to complete this task.

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