Lord of the Flies

Topics: Lord of the Flies, William Golding, Desert island Pages: 3 (1155 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Leader of savages
In the book Lord of the flies what can change a boy named Ralph from determined and disrespectful to loving and disbelieving? Can it be the pain of being stranded or maybe all the fighting between Ralph and Jack for leadership? Ralph is a bigun with “fair hair” (Golding 1). And Jack is the leader of the choir later becoming leader of the hunting group (Golding 20). At first when they crash land on the deserted island after being attacked (Golding 3). Ralph is determined to get off the island right away. However, he is not alone. With his friend named Piggy, he will accomplish his goal to leave the island. Although Piggy is always nice, Ralph always treated him in a disrespectful way in the beginning of the book. As chaos start happening on the island like with the monster that they think lives in the woods called the Beastie thing or Beast. However the beast wasn’t the main problem. As the fighting between the leaders continues, it forces the boys to separate into two separate tribes. Jack has his own tribe were they think Jack would be best as leader and Ralph with his tribe were they think Ralph should remain as leader. As Ralph starts out his own tribe, He uses all the support he can get from Piggy. Although the hard difficulties for Ralph to maintain an entire tribe on his own with a bunch of little kids or littuns and with very few biguns; Changes the way he treats people and becomes a loving person. On the other hand with so much stress Ralph begins to disbelieve. He starts to think being stuck on the island is permanent. In the beginning of the book Lord of the flies Ralph is disrespectful and determined to get off the deserted island because he doesn’t want to be there any longer. To do this he borrows Ideas from one of his new friends, Piggy. Piggy respects Ralph because that’s what friends do but Ralph is not really a friend back to Piggy because he treats him disrespectfully. For example, Ralph is determined to get off the island...
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