Lord of the Flies

Topics: Meaning of life, Religion, Boy Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: February 25, 2013
“Lord of the Flies”
Young man stranded in an area without anything or anyone with authority will surely bring by far death to them. In the beginning of the book, the boys organized themselves into an orderly society inspired by the regiment life of school. Younger boys look up to the older and mature student of the class. Ralph is the perfect example of this young boy who by any means is a decisive student who at first is determined to keep the boys together but as soon as a conflict emerges everything starts to decline. Physically and mentally the boys start to hurt one another, brings out the fact that as Golding starts his novel by setting the novel with a plane crash and we are able to predict a decline in societies civilization. The plane crash is one of the very first symbols of the novel that point out the fact that society will decline in all their achievements that they have progressed in. Golding shows that societal defects reflect the flaws of human nature and their achievements, weather it was technological or humanitarian. Golding’s importance to begin with this symbol asserts that moral responsibilities for the individuals in society will be weekend in a physical sense, while having inner reserves for moral courage. Another symbolic symbol that Golding uses is the novels title.” Lord of the Flies” is a symbolic representation of the religious affairs between the boys and God. Golding’s novel is reflected as religious myths that are written to show a moral point in characters characteristics.”Lord of the Flies” symbolically relates Golding’s idea of what happens when human beings refuse to deal with destructive forces of their own nature. For example the pigs head represents the presence of God within Simon. Particularly, the meaning of “Lord of the Flies” in the New Testament refers to Satan “the prince of the devils”. Through the novel we can sense the presence of evil spirits within the boys and the choices that they take when...
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