Lord of the Flies

Topics: Plane, Britney Spears, Fall of Man Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: January 21, 2013
There are some who believe that all humans are naturally evil. They believe that we all have a naturally occurring sin. Those who believe in the idea of original sin believe that without laws and rules we would run wild like, savage beasts acting only on pure instinct, killing living creatures for our own sick form of pleasure. It is said that our thirst for sin has been oppressed by the social and moral rules that have been put in place by over time by our social interactions with others. These ideas are the base for William Golding’s story, “Lord of the flies”. Golding sets his story sometime in the future, opening with a group of English school boys who have been stranded in an Island as a result of a plane crash as they were being evacuated from their home country due to an atomic war that was taking place. The boys attempt to establish order on the island however this all catastrophically fails. The island that they land on is new it has never been touched by man. It is a basically a new independent life, a new earth. The island is initially shown as being new and virgin like until the boys violently intrude. “He looked up and down the scar and this is what it has done” (8). The scar is a gouge in the islands earth which was produced by the plane’s fuselage during the landing. Like the term mother earth, the word scar is being used almost if the island were alive. “Beneath the capering boys a quarter mile of forest was savage with smoke and flame” (44). Demonstrates that humans are innately destructive when in contact with nature. The fire was a result of the boy’s attempts to start a signal fire in order to be rescued. Being that is was poorly planned and thought out; it destroyed a substantial amount of the forestation. Further scaring the face of the island. The early destruction caused by the boys alludes to many of man’s mistakes when he first wandered earth, trying to make sense of his new surroundings. As Ralph is exploring his surroundings, he is...
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