Lord of the Flies

Topics: English-language films, William Golding, Number of the Beast Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: December 18, 2012
1. Why does Jack leave the assembly and run away in the forest alone?

Jack accuses Ralph of belittling the hunters. He says Ralph is like Piggy and isn’t a proper chief. Jack calls for a vote to remove Ralph and make Jack chief. Nobody votes for Jack storms off, humiliated and crying. He vows to form a new group, and says anyone can join him when he hunts. He disappears into the forest. “I’m not going to be a part of Ralph’s lot “

2. Why does Piggy decide that a fire should be built near the bathing pool rather than on the mountain?

Piggy says that if they climb the mountain they can start the fire again, but he then suggests that they start a fire down by the beach. Simon suggests they climb the mountain. Piggy considers the suggestion insane. He says they should just build a signal fire on the beach. He was safe in case the fire gets put to control again and the bestie was on the mountain and they were to scare to go up there.

3. When does it become clear to Ralph that the boys on the island have definitely split into two separate camps? Who are the members of each group? What are the values of each?

Ralph notices that several of the boys are missing. Piggy is confident that they all will do well enough if they behave with common sense, and he proposes a feast. They wonder where Simon has gone and surmise that he might be climbing the mountain. Ralph realizes that all the biguns but Samneric and Piggy have disappeared. Most have gone to join Jack. Jack declares himself chief of the boys who have joined him. As chief, he says he’s going to get more “biguns away from the conch.” Ralph worries that the boys will die if they are not rescued soon. Ralph and Piggy realize that it is Jack who makes everything break apart.

4. Why do jack and his followers save the sow’s head for the beast?

He also says that when his tribe hunts they’ll leave some of the kill for the beast. That way, it won’t bother them.

5. What is lord of...
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