Lord of Flies

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  • Published : October 19, 2010
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Brian Woelfel Pd 1

Lord of The Flies
In Lord of The Flies, Golding writes about a group of boys who plane crashes and they are stranded on an island. Ralph and Jack are the leaders of the boys, because they are the oldest. Jack is characterized to be a mean bossy leader. Golding characterizes Ralph as the leader who is nice to the boys compared to Jack. The island changes the two leaders because after a couple days they start to realize that no one is on the island to regulate them with rules. Jack starts to go for the worst once he finally realizes to himself that he can do whatever he feels like doing, due to the fact that no one is in charge of them. You can tell his change in the worst because in the beginning of being on the island he doesn’t want to and doesn’t kill the pig, but after a few days of being rule free he decides to kill It bringing out the worst in him. " I was choosing a place to stab him. I was just waiting for a moment to decide where to stab him." This quote is showing us when Jack finally switched his ways on island and went from not wanting to stab pick to killing it.. "You cut a pig's throat to let the blood out, otherwise you can't eat it." Jack getting ready to let eat the pig after the blood is done coming out its throat, making him becoming a man just living for himself in survival on a stranded island. Golding starts to characterize him as a self-fish boy, which could make things hard for all boys get along and survive on island. As you read the story you can tell out of the two leaders that Ralph is the nicest and smartest of the two. He comes up with brilliant ways to save the boys and keep them safe on a stranded island. He doesnt intimadate the boys like Jack do but lets them have vote's for descions. "Piggy, for all his ludicrous body, had brains. Ralph was a specialist in thought now, and could recognize thought in another." This quote is when Ralph and the boys finally kind of except Piggy and now think he...
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