Lord Loss Book Report

Topics: The Demonata, Demon, Dervish Grady Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: April 3, 2008
Lord Loss
Lord Loss was written by Darren Shan. It was published by Little Brown and Company in October 2005. Choosing this book came down to the captivating graphics and title on the cover of the book. This book tells a story a horrifically traumatized young man, Grubbs Grady, who after witnessing the brutal murder of his parents and older sister, learns of a haunting family secret and is forced to face the same terrifying creatures that literally tore his family apart.

Grubbs Grady and his uncle, Dervish Grady, are seen as the main characters in this book because of the amazing mental and physically straining adventure they both endure together. Grubbs is average built teenage boy while his uncle is a thin, lanky man that’s bald on top, grey to the sides with a tight grey beard and blue eyes. They are also mentally strong and rather stubborn. These individuals were believable in the way they showed affection and discomfort for each others in time of distress. Grubbs and Dervish develop a stronger love and relationship between each other throughout the mentally challenging events in the book. Grubbs and Dervish are both exquisite characters that captivate your imagination and make you feel like you’ve known them forever.

The plot of this book seemed to be very mindful when it came to making all the incidents of the story interlock creating a captivating ambiance for the reader. The character Grubbs faces a prime internal conflict of Man vs. Self. Grubbs has to battle the demons in his head so he can clear his mind to fight the physical danger him and his uncle face. This emotional horror Grubbs has building in side of him continues growing until he finally realizes he must pull himself together in order to save what family he has left. Grubbs and Dervish clash with the terrible monsters that killed Grubbs family in a battle of physical and mentally draining task. As Grubbs at smarts the demon master at chess, Dervish battles hand to hand two terrible...
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