Lord Jim: A Compelling Novel by Joseph Conrad

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Lord Jim is a wonderful, compelling novel by Joesph Conrad detailing the life of Jim as told by Marrow. The primary element used by Conrad in this novel is his uses of internal conflict within his characters. These conflictions shape his characters and makes the complex. Conrad's writing style of the book is set not with heavy imagery on setting, but intense vocabulary used to coincide with the mood of the characters. The novel is centered around two major conflicts of two different characters. The first is Jim's internal conflict with the Patna affair a single act of cowardice that continually affects him for the rest of the novel. The second is Marlow's conflict, he is also the narrator of the story which is being told in a third person narrative point of view. His knowledge of Jim is almost omniscient as he is obsessed with Jim's story and recounts his tale in an attempt to find the source of this fascination and deeper meaning behind it. He tells the story in fragments based on sources he has and his own personal anecdotes in an attempt to find this meaning, setting a storyline for the book. Jim who is the subject of his story is continually affected by Patna affair as it affects his decisions, actions , and ultimately his demise.

Imagination plays a key role in the life of Jim. An avid fan of romantic sea literature Jim has constant thoughts of becoming a sea faring hero. These delusions drive him but when faced with a chance to prove his worth as a seaman he commits a serious offense to the officer code. Later at an official inquiry by his fellow seaman he is stripped of his officer's certification and his chance to become a hero as his daydreams detail him to be. Thoroughly shamed, this incident haunts him as he befriends Marlow, the narrator of the story, and trusts in his assistance to find another job. In his new job as a trader he reaches success and even heroism by defeating a local bandit, Sherif Ali. He falls in love with a woman named Jewel,...
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