Lord Chesterfield

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  • Published : March 21, 2012
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Lord Chesterfield’s letter to son
In a letter written to his son, Lord Chesterfield reminds him of his responsibilities that have been given to him and incites to his son of the ever crucial values that are held at a very high regard on his behalf. Lord Chesterfield hopes to steer his son back on the right path by reinstating what he considers to be the noble thing a gentleman of his son’s age should do.

It is quite obvious from the letter that Lord Chesterfield is dissatisfied with the decisions his son has made while exploring his new found independence. Lord Chesterfield intends to bring reality back into his son’s view by saying, “I do not, therefore, so much as hint to you, how absolutely dependent you are upon me; that you neither have, nor can have a shilling in the world but from me…” The value he is trying to show his son is responsibility and humility. His son needs to recognize that it is by his father’s hand that he is able to experience life and independence during this time and to be responsible enough to control himself and not waste this opportunity.

Lord Chesterfield now prompts the importance of his son getting an education and the significance it can have on his life. In stating his opinion on education, Lord Chesterfield says, “Can there be a greater pleasure than to be universally allowed to excel those of one’s own age and manner of life? And, consequently, can there be anything more mortifying than to be excelled by them?” The use of rhetorical questions suggests the substantial amount of importance the value of education must mean to Lord Chesterfield. He hopes to prove to his son that having an education is worth so much more than the effort he is putting into it and that it will make his future easier in the business realm.

The final point Lord Chesterfield intends to convey to his son is the eminence of experience. Lord Chesterfield starts off by saying, “I mean likewise to excel in the thing itself; for, in my mind, one may...
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