Lord Capulet

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  • Published : May 3, 2012
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Romeo and Juliet, a play about two love birds from disputing families. Lord Capulet wants to give the impression of a man with much honor and peace; however when away from the public, Capulet is a fairly complicated individual. At the start, he gives the impression of a caring, considerate and loving father while discussing marriage with Paris; as well as a man of peace excusing the uninvited guest, Romeo. Though in Act III scene V, the audience witnesses the ugly side of Lord Capulet. When Juliet interfered with the “plans” of her father by disobeying his wishes, he became enraged. It wasn’t until Act IV, that Lord Capulet somewhat went back to his caring personality due to the “death” of his daughter. Confronted by the true death of Juliet, he let go of his foul ways and ended their family rivalry. The situations that occurred sprouted from the actions of characters trying to fulfill their wishes and others trying to fulfill theirs as well. Lord Capulet’s personality got in the way of numerous attempts, which created tension that would come back to haunt him.

Lord Capulet, the head of the Capulet family whose intention throughout the play was to make both his family and himself look good in the eyes of others. He wanted to seem like a peaceful and loving man for the sake of his name. When we first see Lord Capulet, Act I scene I, he is calling to his wife to give him his sword. “Give me my long sword, ho!” (1.1.65) This can be seen as a very immature response to a situation as that for such an old man. Yet, when Capulet was discussing marriage with Paris, he seemed rational and mature. “But Montague is bound as well as I… And ‘tis not hard, I think, for men so old as we to keep the peace.” (1.2.1,3) When people go against Capulet’s plans, or orders he lashes out on them. “He shall be endured… Go to. Am I the master here, or you?” (1.5.75-77) “Go to, go to. You are a saucy boy…. You are a princox, go.” (1.5.82,85) “I’ll make you quiet.” (1.5.87) Tybalt, trying...
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