Lord Asriel

Topics: His Dark Materials, Lyra Belacqua, Lord Asriel Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: April 5, 2012
"Humans can't see something without wanting to destroy it. That is original sin. I am going to find the source of Dust and destroy it. Death is going to die."

In the novel Northern Lights Lord Asriel is the father of Lyra and a man obsessed with creating the perfect world. Lord Asriel is portrayed as a fierce-natured, cold-hearted and seemingly unapproachable person, who will do anything to achieve his goals. I respect and admire Lord Asriel for he will hesitate at nothing to accomplish what he believes is right (even if it means taking innocent lives or even his own). In this piece of writing I will show you Lord Asriel’s characteristics and his story

From the start Lord Asriel was a man who secretly hated the church. and did a lot of work in experimental theology, and was a greatly respected member of the english aristocracy giving him wealth and land. Later Lord Asriel met Mrs Coulter another scientist, after a while they fell in love and had an affair behind Mrs Coulter’s husband’s (Mr Coulter’s) back. During the affair Mrs Coulter became pregnant, and gave birth to Lyra. When Mr Coulter learnt of who the real father was, he died at the hands of Lord Asriel during their conflict in public. The court stripped Lord Asriel of his wealth and fame and took away custody of his daughter Lyra, Lord Asriel gave Lyra to Jordan College (The story’s version of Oxford) to be raised and cared for by the Master thinking Asriel was her uncle.

After a period of time, Asriel returned to Jordan College where he is almost poisoned by the Master who read the alethiometer and it said that Asriel’s actions would be dangerous. Asriel is saved by his daughter Lyra who had secretly seen the Master put the poison in his cup. Then Asriel raised money for a expedition into the north using photograms of Dust and a city in the sky, as well as the extra shock value of a decapitated head that he said was the...
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