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“The small country with a big development”

To understand the different ways of living that this country has and the ones that we have by a diverse community of individuals and business.

To know more about an other country that its rich in culture, history, with beautiful and famous landscapes that you can see in most of the calendars and the different places that you can visit with your friends and the best universities where you can study.

We chose Austria because we believe that it is a very interesting country with a different and famous culture. The great impact and influence that this country has had in the history specially in the European Continent. Not forgetting the beautiful landscapes, delicious food and strong and stable economy.

Project Desciription

* Monday, April 22: Assemblage
Rodriguez Cruz Luis Edder
Pérez Aboytes Alejandro
Zanabria Martinez Jorge Alberto
Lezama Gomez Diogenes Ivan
Silva Aguilar Itzel Abigail
Leader: Zanabria Martinez Jorge Alberto

We are going to create and assemble the stand that we need for Tuesday and present most of the things that we have of Austria. We are going to use the tables of the school, and other materials that we are going to buy to live the best experience of Austria.

* Tuesday April 23: Culture day
Silva Aguilar Itzel Abigail and Paredes Vega Fernando_______they are Carlotta and Maximilian and they are going to dance “Sound of Music Laendler” Ascencio Rivera Adrian and Rodriguez Lara Diana Karen___”Modern Dance” Mier Quiroz Maria Fernanda__________ living statue “Charlotte of Belgium” Rodriguez Cruz Luis Edder____bring the cake

Cabalero Pérez Mónica Fernanda and Ruiz Cortes Daniel Enrique___ Are going to make the Noria Leader: Rodriguez Lara Diana Karen
We will give a presentation about the country's culture (food, clothing, traditions, economy) and know the magnific history of Austria. And the important places in a virtual way. As also the important places that you don’t need to forget when you visit this country.

* Wednesday April 24: Business
Garcia Guevara Luis Alejandro
Ascencio Rivera Adrian
Sanchez Alvarez Dajany Elena
Leader: Garcia Guevara Luis Alejandro
We are going to discuss how the economy of this country is, touching the most important points of their work and education that they receive. And the best thing, we are going to show the best businessmen and learn more about the people that have successful and the way that they help to their country in this case Austria.

* Thursday April 25: Exchange
Silva Aguilar Itzel Abigail
Cardona Almendarez Alejandra
Zanabria Martinez Jorge Alberto
Tapia Lopez Jose Manuel
Leader: Cardona Almendarez Alejandra
We are going to know in a virtual way the Universities of Austria and explain the EBC agreement in Austria with 2 different universities when you want to go and study there to have options of schools. And we are going to do brochures of the 2 universities. The Universities are:

*Fachhochschule Vorarlberg www.fhv.at
*Fachhochschule Krems www.fh-krems.ac.at

* Friday April 26: Activities
Rodriguez Cruz Luis Edder
Pérez Aboytes Alejandro: Giant dice
Lezama Gomez Diogenes Ivan
Tapia Lopez Jose Manuel
Silva Aguilar Itzel Abigail
Cardona Almendarez Alejandra
Leader: Pérez Aboytes Alejandro
We are going to make fun and engage activities related to Austrian traditions with prizes for the winners, in these activities we are going to see what they learnt during this week.

We will need from the school 8 roundtables and 8 normal tables, 4 chairs,(will are going to adapt the stand to the furniture the school can provide) a projector and a screen. Typical Clothes
Typical Food
Candles (for the input of the stand)...
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