Loosing Someone

Topics: Family, Telephone, Telephone exchange Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: March 17, 2013
It was on March 18, 2010, a beautiful sunny day. Perfect weather for a few drills around the track, coach decided to cut practice short and have us enjoy the rest of our evening. My friends and I had time to spare while we waited for the activities bus to take us home. Having nothing to do, we walked to get something to eat. I had a bad feeling about something but I ignored it and didn’t think about it too much. It was almost 6 O’clock, so my friends and I headed back to school so we could catch the activities bus. The activities bus had finally arrived, I went in and sat towards the back of the bus with some of the track girls. The bus finished dropping off the kids that lived in Burbank/Nottingham and headed towards Central Stickney to drop off the rest of us. We were by Toyota Park when my phone began to ring, I reached for my phone and it was my boyfriend calling me. I didn’t think anything bad of his phone call, but he started to question me asking me why was there an ambulance outside of my godmothers house. My heart dropped a million things crossed through my mind, hoping it wasn’t anything bad I had another call on the line and it was my aunt calling me. That’s when I knew something was wrong. The tone of her voice said it all, something was wrong, “grandpa had a stroke” I knew that was it; my gut feeling said it all the worry in her voice assured it. I tried to get in contact with my dad, but no answer. I finally got a hold of my dad and told him about my grandpa, and he simply replied, “Everything is going to be just fine, have faith.” The worry in his voice gave me doubts; finally it was my stop after a terrible long ride home. I walked down the block to get home, worried not knowing what was going on made me think nothing was right the feeling was just unbearable. I decided to text my older cousin to see how things were I couldn’t stand not knowing, he finally replied to me those words on the screen left an image in my head I can’t forget, “ I’m...
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