Looking Toward the Future

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Looking Toward the Future
Jeremy A Gunn
Ashford University: PSY202

Looking Toward the Future
As we look forward to our future, one cannot help but start to plan ahead on the road to success. Even though the path may seem unclear, it is certain that there will be many challenges to overcome. In this essay, I will discuss three goals I have set for my future. The three goals will consist of one personal, one professional, and one academic goal in the online environment. In addition to the three goals, I will discuss the SMART goal process while explaining each goal. After discussing my goals toward the future I will create an accountability plan that will help ensure I meet the goals I have set for myself. Personal Goal: Lose 40 pounds

My personal goal involves losing forty pounds. I have been overweight for a few years now mostly related to the comfort that comes with a relationship. Now that I'm a free man, I feel that the time alone should be taken to better myself. This goal is extremely important to me because I know that being overweight can lead to severe health problems especially already being in my early thirties. According to Wing (2013), "a way to prevent weight gain is to engage in a process of self-regulation of behavior". Self-regulation is something we had discussed previously and I felt it was a relevant quote. I constantly tell myself not to eat that donut or to not have second helpings and I feel this is instrumental in the success of losing weight.

SMART Goal: By April 1st, 2014, implement a new dietary program designed to lose weight at a healthy pace while using clearly designed outlines and processes so that I can be more efficient at maintaining my weight on a day to day basis.

Specific is the what, why, and how of the model. The specific process is the implementation itself (what), using clearly designed outlines (how), and so that I can be more efficient (why). The measurable process is the...
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