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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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Madeeha Afzal (CHemical Engineer)
Profeesor : Afshan Hanif
Technical and Business Writing HU-101
27th April, 2013

What I’m looking forward to? This life is full of excitements and no one can imagine spending it without any aim. Everyone has desire to do, to be, to take or to achieve something. The whole world is looking forward to something that wants. As being a part of this world I’m also looking forward for something but for my goal to be good petroleum engineer. There was a time when I hadn’t even a slight idea about what actually Chemical engineering does mean; it was when I entered in NUST (scme).I didn’t like my field at all. I regret why I‘m here as I got admissions in many universities in Electrical .The only reason I was here was the name NUST. And I accused myself a number of times that why due to such lame reason “I’m here”. But with the passage of time I get realized that I was quite wrong in thinking that .I searched a lot about “Chemical engineering and its scope” for the sake to get interest in my field. And the astonishing results made me to get interested in it. My newfound love for my field has led me in my choice to continue my education in petroleum engineering. Now it is the only thing that I’m going to looking forward to “THE PETROEUM ENGINEER”. The constant challenges of this pitch would be appealing to me. This degree will allow me mobility and elasticity in my occupation as petroleum engineers are in demand worldwide and hire rates stay promising even in economic decline. And I’ll capable to become involved in any chunk of the oil industry from site of underground oil assets to filtering product. The major cause in my decision to pursue petroleum engineering is the capability to aid the world’s technology move forward. And being a dedicated and creative individual, I know that I am capable of becoming a valued part of the global team working to progress the process related to oil industry...
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