Looking for a Job

Topics: Employment, Part-time, Full-time Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Looking for a Job?
You have probably already thought about steps to undertake to find a job. Some of you may be working, others are still looking for a post. Whatever we do, we will work one day, and this time I would like to give you some useful vocabulary in English. What is a Job? It is what we do regularly to earn money (most often), especially in a particular company or for a person There are different types of jobs First of all, it can be full-time, i e a job that you do for at least the same number of hours a week as people usually work A part-time job is a job you do for fewer hours a week than people usually do. Then we have another word - work. It also means something you do to earn money or the place where you do it Occupation is a more formal term than job. A post is a particular job with responsibilities you have within a company. A position is usually used in advertisements and also means a job. To find a position, you can look in newspapers or Internet career sites, or check out postings at specific company web sites. Now, let's think of what you should do to get a job. Having located a post you are interested in, you apply for it. This means you should write a letter or fill in a form that will be sent to your potential employer (a person, a company or an organization that pays someone to work for them as a member of their staff) Do not mix up employer and employee: the latter is someone who is regularly paid for work You should also send to the employer your CV, or Curriculum Vitae, which is a document giving details of your qualifications and" tfie jobs you have already had. Normally, there are special rules for writing a CV, and American schools, for example, include in their courses the subject called business writing where students are taught how to write their CVs. Now lefs imagine you were chosen from among other job seekers (a formal word used to name somebody who is looking for a job). Going to an interview - a meeting with people you...
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