Looking for Jj

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  • Published : May 25, 2012
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Looking For JJ by Anne Cassidy is a dramatic thriller that grips the imagination of the reader from page 1. Looking For JJ is the story of a girl desperately trying to cover up her terrible past. It’s a tale of the love that she loses to be able to rebuild her new life. Jennifer Jones moved to the small town of Berwick waters at the age of 11. This was town where everything went wrong. Her actions lead her to be in a detention centre for six years for murdering her arrogant, demanding and bossy so called ‘best friend’. It was an accident, she didn’t mean to but now the guilt is burdened upon her for the rest of her life. Three girls went into the woods that day, yet two only came out. All she wanted was a normal childhood, with a family that wasn’t broken, a place to call home, a school full of friends. What brought her to do this? Was it because of her dysfunctional relationship with her mother? Her troubled friendships? Or perhaps her increasingly violent behaviour? Alice Tully is one of the only people that know where JJ is or exactly what happened that day. Alice has a life, a job, a home and loyal friends. She’s trying to get on with her life, but will Jennifer’s past come back, haunt and rip Alice’s new life apart? Looking For JJ is a very detailed book. The imagery used is very powerful, An example is when a character, Mr Cottis, comes around and the author describes him in great detail: “Mr Cottis, the new photographer, first came to the house at the end of the Easter holidays. He drove up in a black van; it looked brand new, as if it had just been driven out of a show room. He got out and stood looking at the houses. He was tall and thin and was wearing tight jeans and a black jumper with no coat. He had a completely bald head and glasses that seemed to darken as he stood there.” The scenes were explained so thoroughly that it felt as though you were there. The book was made more suspenseful as the exact nature of Jennifer’s crime was revealed...
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