Looking for Alibrandi Reflective Reading Journal

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Looking for Alibrandi
Reflective Reading Journal

Chapters 12 and 13:

* Character
I don’t like Nonno Francesco, Nonna’s husband because he is a very jealous man. He himself believes that if he left his wife at home for weeks at a time that she will not go and socialise. I find him to be very arrogant and very scary because of this. His jealousy is absurd because all Nonna was doing was having a friend over to help her with her English and garden. “He was a very jealous man. He said it was wrong that this man would come and visit a married woman. He even trampled the garden,” she whispered to me (p. 116). I find this to be very sorry for Nonna Katia in the sense that Nonno Francesco would stoop so low to destroying the garden because of his jealousy.

? Plot
I wonder why it was so hard in the nineteen-thirties and forties to get medicine if you were sick. Nonna said that “there was war and there was ignorance” (p.117) who was ignorant and about what? I found this to be very interesting because it got me think about why people were ignorant back then. It then seems to partly answer this question by saying that there was a lack of medicine and doctors. This brought a whole new sense into the plot in this particular chapter (12) because it made me really think about how hard it was to live as an Italian in an outback community.

! (Extra textual) Character
When Josie looks at her reflection at the start of chapter 13 (p. 119) she said, “The reflection in the mirror was exceptional. I could have been a model for Hot Pants. Except that when I finally put my glasses on, reality set in.” This reminds me of what I see through the media. It shows girls who are perfectly beautiful, but the media portrays them to be “fat” or “ugly”. The media has set the trend that all girls should look and act a certain way. I feel that this is wrong and should not be done. Girls should be left to be girls and not be judged by the way that they look.

® Setting
I believe...
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