Looking for Alibrandi

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  • Published : March 31, 2011
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Melina Marchetta’s novel, Looking for Alibrandi, explores a number of topical themes. The three main themes explored in the novel include prejudice, Jose’s social endeavours and searching for one’s self.

Firstly Melina Marchetta explores the theme of prejudice. Josephine often experienced prejudice in this novel, wether it is coming from a family environment or her school Jose has been subject of prejudice. As a result Jose often feels demoralized and excluded. Josie at times has also had preconceived ideas about the people around her. Josie first thought of Nonna as an over caring, selfish grandmother who is only worried about herself, As Looking For Alibrandi progresses, and Josie finds out about her Nonna’s past with Francesco and Marcus Sandford. Josie begins to understand that Nona’s life wasn’t as easy as Josie first thought. Josie finds out how hard Nonna’s early life was, with her husband Francesco who took her out home her home in Sicily and away from her family in to Northern Queensland where was and outcast Josie’s Nona was often treated badly “He treated (her) like one of his farm animals”. Josie realizes that Francesco can’t be her father “You were the one who told me about the four months you had to spend on your own. Four months in summer from November to February”. But then today when everyone was joking about Mama being conceived on New Year’s Day, I thought it was impossible. How could Mama possibly be conceived on New Year’s Day when Nonna was up north and that her true grandfather is Marcus Sandford? “You slept with Marcus Sandford”. When she finds this out she wants to hurt, embarrass Nonna like she did to Christina when she found out that she was pregnant with Josie. However after hearing Nonna’s story and the way Francesco treated her, Josie begins to forgive Nonna and realizes that throughout her life, Nonna was only trying to protect Christina the best way she knew how. Josie begins to see Nonna not as an over caring, selfish...
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