Looking for Alibrandi

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  • Published : March 23, 2008
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Looking for Alibrandi

Chapters 1-3
1.a) Josie feels trapped by her background, disadvantaged very strict and conservative white Anglo Saxon school, does not support Italian traditions such as tomato day, trapped by high Italian expectations of marital status and being a good little angel. b) Love: Hate relationship, respects her, “a daughters action reflect on the mother judging whether she is a good mother or not”, defensive of her mother, she is very protective and doesn’t want judgement to take place. c) feels she is over protective, believes her mother does not need help raising her also does not want her criticising her mothers teaching skills, was deeply humiliated by her birth when her mother was the age of 17, “ Nonna loves us even though its suffocating” Nonna’s love is immense and smothering, Josie quotes she hates Nonna for hurting her mother when she was born and making her suffer. d) The girls are an unlikely group of girls who ended up being friends because they don’t fit into any of the other groups, all the girls are very protective of Anna in the group. e) Josie thinks of Michael Andretti as just the boy next door not as her father, thinks he is a bad man for leaving her mum when he knew she was pregnant, Josie is told by her mother that if he ever came back she couldn’t handle it. f) Perfect white skin, overly obsessed with school, she’s a snob, representation of all the qualities Josie does not possess. g) Josie is in year 12 at St Martha’s, at the start of the year she promises she is going to be a saint and not get into trouble but struggles due to the crowd of St Martha’s who have not a worry in the world. h)Josie wants to be a lawyer, “ill run one day so I wont be Australian, Italian, or anything in between ill be free” to think freely 2. a) Josie’s perspective of her Nonna was her being very intrusive and a mean person, who loved them very much but just a little too much. b) Josie’s thoughts...
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