Looking for Alibrandi

Topics: Melina Marchetta, Perception, Greek loanwords Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: September 6, 2012
English assignment
Fitting in is a feeling or sense of acceptance and security in relationship, society and the world. The sense of not fitting is can make an individual feel alienated. We see the impact and significance of fitting in and not fitting in on an individual in the book looking for Alibrandi written by Melina Marchetta published 1990. The book is about a stubborn, insecure and judgemental teenager who feels like she doesn’t fit in society because of her illegitimacy, ethnicity, status and family history. We can also see this from the poem Refugee Blues written by WH Auden and Neighbours by Tim Winston which both show perception off fitting in and not fitting because of ethnicity and status. Josephine Alibrandi is the main character in looking for Alibrandi she a teenager who attends a rich school, she feels uncomfortable and an outcast due to her status as she got into the school through a scholarship rather than affording the fees we see this through the quote “I come under the ‘scholarship’ category. The apostrophe shows her outcast from ST Marthers. But this is ironic as she is vice-captain and later finds out after the incident at the walk a thon that she was actually popular at school and people looked up to her when she got voted school captain but because of her action as a student she wasn’t given the tittle. Sister Sera quotes ‘you were voted school captain but I gave the job to ivy because I knew she do a better job’. This significantly changes her perceptive of her school but due to her illegitimacy she still feels socially outcast but this changes when her father Michael a barrister steps in to defend Jossie after hitting Carly in the face with her science text book.
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