Looking for Alaska-Character List

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Miles “Pudge” Halter- Miles never really fit in with the rest of his hometown, he always felt as though his life was much unfulfilled. In the beginning of the book, Miles discusses a poem that has the words “Great Perhaps”. This becomes the overall theme for Miles’s role in the story. He is a gawky kid, somewhat nerdy, and unsocial. When he meets his new friends at Culver Creek, he becomes the kind of person he had wanted to be all along. p. 221 "Thomas Edison's last words were: 'It's very beautiful over there.' I don't know where there is, but i blieve it's somewhere, and I hope it's beautiful.' Chip “The Colonel” Martin- A stocky, somewhat nerdy young man, he has gone to Culver Creek for a very long time. When he is not at school, he lives with his mom in a very small trailer. He is Pudge’s roommate, and he gives Miles the nickname “Pudge”. He may also have a crush on Alaska, just like Miles does. p. 38 "Goddamn Weekday Warriors. It was probably one of them that ratted out Paul and Marya and then blamed me to cover their tracks. Anyways, it's a good night for stying in. Staying in with Pudge and ambrosia." Takumi Harihoto- He is the jokester of the group, as well as a great rapper. *SPOILER ALERT* apparently at the end, after Alaska’s death, Takumi was feeling left out because Pudge and Colonel were sort of taking up all the grief for themselves. Takumi confesses to Pudge in the last paragraphs that he saw Alaska the night she died. She was in a rush and was very upset that she forgot her mother’s anniversary, and he tried to calm her down. He feels bad because he could have stopped her but didn’t. p. 105 "'What is that?' 'It's my fox hat' 'Why do you have a fox hat?' 'Because nobody catches the fox.'" Alaska Young- the beautiful, witty, rebellious girl whom Pudge immediately falls in love with. Takumi and the Colonel most likely have crushes on her as well, although they are not stated in the novel. When Alaska was a child, her mother had a seizure due to a...
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