Looking for Alaska Book Review

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  • Published : February 1, 2012
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Looking For Alaska by John Green.
This book is divided into two sections, Before and After.
“Francois Rabelais. He was a poet. And his last words were ‘’I go to seek a Great Perhaps.’’ That’s why I’m going. So I don’t have to wait until I die to start seeking a Great Perhaps.” Sixteen-year-old Miles (Pudge) Halter’s life has been devastatingly dull. He has no friends, no girls and no adventures, except for an obsession over the last words of dead famous people. And so he leaves Florida for a boarding school in Alabama, in hope to find the Great Perhaps. There, he befriends an interesting group of students consisting of his genius-scholarship-student roommate, Colonel; the witty-rap-obsessed Japanese, Takumi; the gorgeous Romanian, Lara; and the beautiful, interesting, complicated Alaska Young who inhabits his soul. The plot goes with the group’s occasionally getting busted for smoking cigarettes and drinking ‘Strawberry Hills’ liquor on campus, sneaking out after curfew and playing pranks. The plot ended when they played Truth or Dare. Alaska was extremely drunk and starts making out with Pudge. She soon falls asleep and was awakened by the phone and started screaming and crying after talking for a few minutes. With the help of Pudge and the Colonel, she manages to drive off campus. Pudge and the Colonel then got to bed, thinking nothing was wrong. After

The next morning, a school assembly is called, revealing that Alaska was killed in a car accident. The plot follows the details of Alaska’s last moments as Miles and his group struggle to understand what happened. Was it really an accident, or did she kill herself to find her way out of the ‘labyrinth’? Could they have stopped her, knowing her past? Would life ever be the same, now that Alaska was dead? As they pulls out the last prank to commemorate Alaska, Pudge answers Alaska’s question, “How will we ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering?”, concluding that the way out...
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