Looking for Alaska Book Report

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Looking for Alaska
Looking for Alaska is a novel by John Green and is about a young man named Miles Halters. The book is set in Alabama at the boarding school, Culver Creek High School. Miles loves memorizing the last words of famous people and is looking to seek his “Great Perhaps” in his life. After moving into his dorm Miles meets Chip, or also known as The Colonel. The two moves the Colonels’ furniture into the boys’ dorm. Soon after Miles gets the nickname, Pudge, just to be ironic since he is tall and skinny. The two boys’ go to meet Colonels long time friend Alaska Young , and Pudge is instantly taken aback by Alaskas beautiful. The three go out by the lake and smoke since it is against school rules to smoke in the dorms and the three bonds over cigarettes and how Culver Creek is known for best pranks. The next day, Pudge and Colonel start their real classes and Pudge realizes how hard it is going to be in the new school and balancing school and his personal life. After a hard day in classes, Alaska promises Pudge she will find him a girlfriend and go to the basketball game. Alaska sets Pudge up with a Foreign exchange student named Lara. The two hit it off until the Colonel does what he does best, starts to tease the other basketball players on the opposing team. By the end of the conflict Pudge ends up getting hit with a basketball which gives him a concussion. Later in the night he throws up on Lara. When Christmas break Pudge has learned to manage the time between school and personal life with a lot of smoke breaks and drinks. Colonel and another friend, Takumi leave for the break leaving Alaska and Pudge. The two grow close during the break with read books and drinking wine on the soccer field, searching people’s rooms, and makes a volcano out of used candles. The two of them talk about the great labyrinth of suffering which is what Alaska is trying to figure out in life: how to escape the labyrinth. Later Alaska is called out about breaking the...
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