Looking for Alaska

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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Looking for Alaska
by John Green

Looking for Alaska is one of the best books that I have read all year. I choose this book for my banned book project because of a recommendation of a friend, Rachel Mansfield, and was glad I did. Before I even read the book I had to see why, when, and where it was banned. So I began my research. As it turns out the book was banned here in Tennessee just because it had an oral sex scene and the Sumner County Board of Education found that it would be too “impressionable” for a young adult, so they banned it from the curriculum, which in my opinion is a bad choice. Despite its drinking, smoking and sex it’s a very good book with a mystery, a romance, and relatable situations. I would love to read this in school. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with this book. About the book itself, It all starts out with a teenaged boy named Miles “Pudge” Halter, A junior that has no friends at his current school so he’s off to a boarding school in Alabama that his dad was a legion at to find what he calls his “Great Perhaps” and ends up with not only adventures and friends but with his answer to the question throughout the book, “How do you get out of the Labyrinth of life”, brought to us by Alaska Young, A green eyed feminist that seems to have connections and friends everywhere. There are three other main characters that play a big role in the book as well. They are “Colonel”, Takumi, and Lara. The “Colonel” is Pudge’s best friend at Culver Creek. He had his back and Pudge had his. The Colonel is the one who introduces him to Alaska.

Alaska is famous for her pranks and troubles on the other students and the “Eagle”, the dean of the school, and getting away with no harm. Instantly Pugde falls head over heels for her, the only problem is that she has this perfect and wonderful boyfriend named Jake. And throughout the book Alaska flirts around or teases Pudge. She’s constantly calls him cute and when things get right up to almost...