Look for Me by Moonlight

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  • Published : May 9, 2006
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1. The title Look For Me By Moonlight is relevant to the novel because the main character Cynda would meet the mysterious man staying at there hotel whom she had a crush on at moonlight every night. It is appropriate because Cynda grew very fond of Vincent by these visits every night, which lead to the main conflict.

2. It was approximately seventy pages before the author captured my interest in this book. This occurred when Vincent first started staying at the Inn. The mysterious man made we want to find out what will happen next.

3. The mood of this book is suspense and mystery. The author creates this mood by starting the book out with a young girl Cynda staying with her father for the winter in a haunted Inn. This mood is kept throughout the story with the mysterious man who starts to stay in the Inn who turns out to be the ghost that haunts the Inn.

4. From the evidence in the story the author of this book is obviously an imaginative person. The book deals with ghosts and mystery so you can infer that the author is imaginative.

5. Look For Me By Moonlight is a praiseworthy book because it keeps you interested throughout the whole story. It has suspense, humor, and love. Though it is a very strongly written and interesting book it almost seems "too much" and often I felt like the plot line was over whelming.

6. A scene from the book that could be presented effectively in a television or stage production would be the scene at the dinner table with Cynda's younger step brother throws a temperature tantrum.

7. Two leading characters in this book are Cynda and Todd. Cynda is the main character in this book she is an imaginative teenager who is insecure and can easily believe someone. One of her ambitions is for Vincent to like her. She falls for his mysterious charm from the beginning and finds herself becoming obsessed. Another main character is Cynda's step brother Todd. Todd is a young boy who sensed Vincent's evil...
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