Look Both Ways Sac Prep

Topics: Suicide, Death, Life Pages: 4 (759 words) Published: August 7, 2010
- The film is an authentic personal and group portrait of how humans deal with personal tragedy, depression and loss - Depicts the daily life we all lead, where tragedy and crisis are just around the corner

Characters:Nick - not yet in control with his medical diagnosis; hasn’t come to terms with his father’s death, therefore impossible to accept his own
- describes his life with self-critical cynicism as a matter of “poverty, wars, natural disasters… then back to the mini bar - the use of flashbacks and photo montages give us an insight into Nick’s fragile state of mind - Quote: “I’ve been seeing death everywhere this weekend… I just look at people and I see them dying” - Quote: “I’ll find out more tomorrow, then there’ll be more I don’t know” – afraid of the unknown

Meryl- her fears are seen through vivid animations; they inhibit her progress; they come through in her paintings and artwork
- preoccupied with death
- Quote: “Maybe it was meant to be… Maybe the right thing happened” - Quote: “The seven stages of grief. What’s the point in knowing where you’re up to if you’ve still got to go through it anyway?”

Julia- her life is thrown into chaos
- she is framed by doors and windows; her life appearing to be bound and constrained by fear - reaches out with acceptance, not accusation - Quote: “It wasn’t your fault”

Andy- can’t see situations from any view but his own
- self-absorbed
- constantly preoccupied with negativity and paranoia
- Quote: “Who would believe in something so ridiculous?” his cynicism
- Quote: “That’s just it isn’t it. Knowing…”
- Quote: “Do you know how many supposedly “accidental deaths last year could have been suicides?”

Phil- the tragedies happening around him, open his eyes causing...
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