Look Both Ways Essay

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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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The film “Look Both Ways” directed by Sarah Watt explores many ideas such as fear, religion/faith, and loneliness. These ideas are portrayed to the viewer using a variety of visual techniques such as animation, photomontage, transitions, close-ups, adjacent worlds, music, tracking, still shots, sound effects and cuts.

The idea of fear of various characters is portrayed in the film using a variety of techniques. Watt uses animation when Meryl is walking and imagines someone coming up to her and attacking her. This shows how ridiculous some of Merylʼs fears are and gives the viewers some brief characteristics on her.

likewise, Watt explores fear through the use of photomontage in the scene where Nick reminisces on how he gets the cancer and questioning himself whether or not it was his lifestyle that caused his diagnosis. This makes the viewer ask themselves questions and make a judgement on Nickʼs pessimistic thoughts.

When Watt uses cuts and abrupt transitions when Nick remembers his Dad after he found out he was diagnosed with cancer and how he reacted to it. it shows the similarities and contrasts of Nick and his father and gives the viewer thoughts on Nickʼs fear of death. Nickʼs dad tryʼs to stay positive and it gives Nick thoughts on whether or not he should react the same way. The abrupt transitions build intensity in the viewer and also build suspense.

The scene where Nick sees a sick boy in a wheel chair smiling at him is use of an adjacent world. Watt does this to reflect Nickʼs fears and what he is going through. It shows the similarities and contrasts of Nickʼs attitude. When the boy smiles, it suggests that there is still some hope for Nick.

Sarah Watt also explores religion and faith in this film and the attitudes some characters have towards it. When Watt used cut scenes in the scene were Nick is looking at everyone on the train with religious merchandise, It makes him reflect on his own spiritual beliefs and also gives the viewer...
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