Look Both Ways

Topics: Life, Personal life, Pessimism Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: October 27, 2010
Look both ways shows us that tragedy is a part of life. To what extent do you think this is true? The Australian film “Look both ways” directed by Sarah watt explores many enduring aspects of the human situation and examines the changes that can potentially occur during the course of one’s daily life. The film treats a range of issue of practical, emotional and psychological as well as our different characters in changing life situations can impinge upon other characters both in a positive and negative way. The film is delivering with engaging human sensitivity and a unique sense of Australian humour. While searching for a successful and meaningful life, we are faced with unexpected tragedies which may stray us from our path. There are drawbacks either already embody tragedy or potentially could lead to tragedy thus it emerges that tragedy plays a large point of the film “Look both ways” because of this we understand that “tragedy is a part of life”. The tragedy of being diagnose with a potentially terminal disease struck Nick off guard, “So what are my chances?”. Cancer affects a lot of people and not just those who suffer from illnesses. During the course of the film, after being diagnose with the disease, Nick attempts to set up a barrier between himself and those around him. Although, of course this affect the people around Nick in a different way which is equally bad. Nick tried to hide it from his mother since she has already been through the same situation with his father. Although the film’s timeline was set a year after his father as past away, Sarah Watt’s filming techniques, of Nick’s flashbacks to when his father was at his last stage of cancer shows us the reason why Nick was hesitant to inform his mother of his diagnosis. Death is another tragedy which comes with the same impact no matter if it is expected or unexpected. The death of Meryl’s father is another example which pin point the fact that tragedy is a part of life. This unexpected death...
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