Topics: Disability, Envy Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: March 4, 2013

In this article “Screening Stereotypes: Image of disable” Paul Longmore speaks on how the media portray disables and also how they place numerous stereotypes on them. One of many claims that Longmore speaks of about in the article about disables is t "disabled people resent the nondisabled and would, if they could, destroy them."(134)

they are all evil and villains. Longmore supports his claim by stating that “deformity of the body symbolizes deformity of the soul. Physical handicaps are made in emblems of evil” (135) this quote Longmore is saying that disable people are all evil and they symbolize evil and not only they are physically but also deformed by their soul connecting to his claim. Longmore also state that the only reason these evil people is disabled is because they are punished for their wrong-doing and wicked behavior after saying “disability is a punishment for evil” (134) . In the article is bring up another supporting argument for Longmore claim that the reason that these disabled people are evil and villain’s is because they blame society for their fate and envy normal people. On page 133 Dr. Loveless ( disable) speaks about a non-disabled saying “I grow weary of you Mr. west I weary the sight of your strong straight body” . Dr. Loveless is basically saying that he is jealous of Mr. West great healthy body and is not disabled like he is, with such jealousy grows anger and rage turning a person evil. For disables to have so much hatred for non-disables they will be willing to hurt them or even killing which reference back to the article when it state “disabled people resent the nondisabled and would if they could, destroy them”.
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