Longing to Be a Radiological Technologist

Topics: Radiology, Medical imaging, X-ray Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Longing to be a rLonging to Become a Radiological Technologist

“I wanna take X-Rays!”, was always my reply when asked what I would like to be when I grew up. I found the radiation machines very intriguing during visits to a hospital. I pictured myself clothed in scrubs and a lab coat, while taking images of a patient’s internal skeleton. I could not wait to receive more information on how to obtain those images.

Since the time has passed I have come to learn that radiology is about so much more than taking X-Rays. Radiology is the study of images of the human body by the use of radiant energy. Radiology is about saving people’s lives and helping those in need.

Radiologists have the knowledge and ability to view the inside of a person’s body and diagnose the problem in the patient. A radiologist can view a simple appearing, black-and-white X-Ray and point out very complex things an untrained eye would not recognize. Radiology is not only about reading, but interpreting radiological images for diagnosis and treatment.

Radiology is about having the knowledge and ability to correctly position the patient so that a clear image may be obtained. Once obtained, these images are discussed with a physician so that a proper diagnosis for further treatment may be made.

I want to be a radiological technologist so that I may have the opportunity to help patients by diagnosing and treating their problems. I want to have the knowledge of how to correctly position the patient and the ability to interpret radiological images. These are all reasons why I would like to be a radiological technologist. I am looking forward to starting my journey with Arkansas State University’s radiological program.
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