Topics: Poetry, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Evangeline Pages: 3 (1108 words) Published: May 12, 2013
There are many famous American poets in the world that had great works, but one of them seemed to stand out most in his time. The brilliant poet was named Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Leading an interesting and unique life while making poetry that was like by many in his time, Longfellow was rather successful. He achieved many goals, made many popular poems, had interesting events and most of all, and had a unique background. Longfellow was born in 1807. One of his most famous works was a long epic called Evangeline. Evangeline was also another important concept that had made him well known.

Longfellow was a rather inspired writer during his young age since he enjoyed reading many books, and his parents only encouraged him and their other children to explore their family library. There were many times when Longfellow would awake at night with inspiration to write. He stayed up late pouring out his ideas which mainly originates from people and places. Later on, he unexpectedly decided he wanted to become a writer even though his father wanted him to be a lawyer.

As a child, Longfellow was normally fascinated with some of the jobs other grown adults did for a living. He would often watch blacksmiths and potters craft things out of simple material. Some source of his poetry came from such scenes as these, others would be more natural. The sea is one of the natural features found in many of his poems. All of these elements that Longfellow liked to use mostly came from his nostalgic childhood days.

Being noticed, one of Longfellow’s first works was published at the age of thirteen in a newspaper for Portland. One of the other interesting things was that Longfellow had attended college at the age of fourteen. It was not unusual, but it was also shocking to know Longfellow had attended at a young age at those times. At the Bodwin College he attended, he had also met a future writer that would soon be famous one day like him. During college, Longfellow began to get...
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