Longer School Days

Topics: High school, Addition, Education Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Longer School Days!
Do you really thing that one extra hour would make a difference to your child's education? The typical school year for most kids in the United States is about 180 days long. Students usually spend about 7 and a half hours a day in school. According to some education experts that may be enough time. Event though, school days are not the same length everywhere; school days should not be long because kids need to have time to play and have fun. Your probably wondering why should kids play and have fun? Well they should be allowed to have fun within certain confines. Children need to have room to learn and grow.Without structured play, the brain is sterile, rigid and unable to deal with large amounts of change. With the acception of being in bed on time. Children also get tired, and when that happens they stop to concentrate. It is very important for young children to get enough sleep. Basically because the days are long and there is much more work. Additionally, the normal years of school are twelve and the average school hours are seven hours. So if you take twelve , multiplied by fifty-two weeks and add them all together, you will come up with a total that equals to more than enough time that children spen in school. It will be to much memory stored in a childs head, in which can cause lots of past memory lost. Followed by not wanting to come to school. Furthoremore, having longer days in school, will also take away from extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities are what help propel many children and teens to their choice of colleges. With a school day lengthened to end and hour after it does on a dily basis, that leaves less time for kids to do their extracurricular, and more time doing uneccessary homework which just causes fustration and a decrease in focus. How are we to have a well-rounded society if children are stuck doing needless work all week? To Conclude, when it comes to a...
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