Longer School Day

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  • Published : March 1, 2012
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“An Injustice to Student’s Life’s”

“In the school year 2012-2013 CPS will adopt a longer day and year to every school” .This issue has been very controversial.” These schools are adding 90 minutes of instructional time to their day.” Chicago currently has the shortest school day and year compared with all major U.S cities and school districts. The longer school day will not benefit us all, but become a problem.

There is more than one reason why the school day should not be extended. Students have many responsibilities outside of school that occur after-school. Our parents need for us to babysit and pick up our younger siblings. It’s our responsibility to go and get them from their school and bring them home safely. Adults have to work and depend on the older kids to take care of the little kids.

Besides, a longer school day will only encourage drop-outs. Some students find school very challenging, they will find it harder now with the additional 90 minutes. This can also lead to stress and many worries, “epidemic of anxious, unhealthy, sleep-deprived, burned-out, disengaged, unprepared children”. Truly, this will be a pain not only for students but for their parents, even “overwhelmed and discouraged teachers”.

What’s going to happen to all the after-school programs? As children we like to play sports and join activity clubs. Everyone has a family, we want to visit them after-school also. But are we going to miss out by all of this because we’re stuck at home doing homework? If you didn’t know, a longer school day means longer homework assignments.

All in all, the school day will affect not only me, but other people also. We all have responsibilities, want time for our family, and want to join clubs. Our parents want to see us present at home. So some kids are falling behind, does that mean everyone who is a CPS student needs to get 90 additional minutes of school?
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