Long Walk to Freedom

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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Long Walk To Freedom

The root of this story comes from my where I grew up. The idea of this true story has inspired me in many ways. When I was younger my parents worked in South Africa for 6 years and therefore, I had the chance to experience life there. Standing here today, I am sure you all have something you believe in? Something you want to fight for? But perhaps fear is holding you back. Having fear is not a bad thing, but having the courage to fight for what you believe in, despite fear, is where greatness lies. Humans come in all shapes, sizes and COLORS... And it took one man to realize that despite these differences- we are in fact all equal.

One man who became the father to all South Africans when he served most of his life in jail to protect all blacks. One man who showed love for the people, the country, and fought for their freedom. So do you know who I am talking about? This man’s name is Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela was the first black president of South Africa. But his success didn't come easy. His interest in politics began at a young age and Nelson Mandela knew to study Law as he was determined to help his people struggling for freedom. LIVING BY his words "Struggle is my life. The ideal for which I am prepared to die." Mandela wasn't afraid of the obstacles and frustrations he met in life, rather he turned them into a stepping stone. It was 1941 and for the first time Mandela came face to face with the brutal reality of a racially divided South Africa. Risking his life to save South Africa and he spent a life time in jail.

Apartheid- Apartheid was the political system that divided South Africa and made living in South Africa a nightmare for black South Africans where the white people had power over them. Nelson Mandela took violent acts against the government. He fought and fought to get rid of all of the apartheid laws and policies. He was then sent to jail for those violent acts. He also founded ANC (African National Congress)...
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