Long Waits in the Emergency Room

Topics: Data analysis, Research, Qualitative research Pages: 5 (1312 words) Published: March 22, 2011
Critique Qualitative Research Article
University of Detroit Mercy/McAuley School of Nursing
HLH 550: Research Methods

Critique Qualitative Research Article

Detailed questions

A. How does the researcher identify the study approach? What is it?

The researchers identifies the study approach by using gender to explore


1. Are language and concepts consistent with the approach? How? The language and concepts are consistent with the approach. They are consistent, because it dealt with interviews of the participants expressions of depression. 2. Are data collection and analysis techniques appropriate? How? Data collection techniques are questionable, because some of the subjects were interviewed at the health center and some at their home. They were questionable, due to the subjects at home may elicit more of an open and honest response versus the subjects interviewed at the healthcare center. The data analysis techniques were appropriate by how all of the interviews were taped and immediately transcribed. B. Is the significance/importance of the study explicit?

The significance/importance of the study was explicit. 1. Does review of the literature support a need for the study? A review of the literature supports a need for the study, because it shows a difference of how men and women are diagnosed with depression and their expressions of their diagnosis. 2. What is the study’s potential contribution?

The study’s potential contribution is that it should increase awareness to clinicians regarding how they diagnose depression. C. Is the sampling strategy clear and guided by study needs? The sampling strategy was clear and it was guided by study needs due to the diverse sample. 1. Does the researcher control selection of the sample? How? The researchers controlled the selection of the sample by using subjects that was diagnosed with and treated for depression for at least 6 months. 2. Do sample composition and size reflect study needs? In what ways? The sample composition and size reflected the study needs by way of them using a diverse sample and they attempted to use an even amount of subjects male and female. D. Are data collection procedures clear?

The data collection procedures were clear.
1. Are sources and means of verifying data explicit? How so? The sources and means of verifying data was explicit. It was explicit by the researches using the themes of Malterud’s five key questions. 2. Are researcher roles and activities explained? What are they? Yes, the researches roles were explained. The roles were authors and the activities were explained as interviewers and data analyzers. E. Are data analysis procedures described?

The data analysis procedures were described.
1. Does analysis guide direction of sampling and when it ends? How? No, analysis does not guide the direction of sampling. 2. Are data management processes described? What are they? The data management processes are described as the data from the interviews being analyzed directly after each interview. F. How are specific findings presented?

Specific findings were presented as not being able to be generalized as quantitative results. 1. Is presentation logical, consistent, and easy to follow? What makes it so? The findings presentation was not easy to follow, but it was logical and consistent. It was not easy to follow, because it was too many patterns of themes and inferences. It was logical for the researchers to categorize and differentiate between the subjects. It was consistent, due to the researchers utilizing the same criteria for all of the subjects. 2. Do quotes fit the findings they are intended to illustrate? Give one example. The quotes did not fit the findings they were intended to illustrate. An example of this is...
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